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The International Women's Coffee Alliance

The IWCA is a global peer network of women in coffee that advocates for women from seed to cup and provides access to resources and a forum for connection. More than 500 million people are dependent on coffee for their livelihoods, and of that number, 25 million are coffee farmers who typically live and work in substandard conditions and receive only a small percentage of the actual price that the coffee is sold to the consumer. Women, who represent a good majority of coffee farmers, face additional challenges.

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Featured: TAKING CHANCES IN LAS VEGAS - Carlson Rezidor 2016 Americas Business Conference

By INDOTO BURUNDI An exciting week! Isabelle Sinamenye, President International Women’s Coffee Alliance Burundi traveled 27 hours from Bujumbura Burundi to Las Vegas, Nevada to learn more about where the Indoto Burundi coffee ends up. As an invited guest from buyer, BD Imports and seller to the Radisson brand, Isabelle joined BD Imports President, Phyllis Johnson for the annual Carlson Rezidor business conference. Olga Hazard from Los Andes Coffee & Tea Reserve traveled from her farm in Guatemala to attend ...
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Featured: EJOHEZA "A Beautiful Tomorrow"

Empowering women within the household communities. Many of these women are widows or orphans of the 1994 genocide and have needed to provide a living for their families alone. In 2008, 300 of these women started a women’s group with the idea of working in friendship and solidarity to rehabilitate their coffee fields. Their coffee are harvested by these women and marketed by Misozi coffee separately and is fully traceable. In 2009 they decided to use the coffee premium to ...
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The ICO’s 4th World Coffee Conference and 116th International Council

The ICO’s 4th World Coffee Conference and 116th International Council Dates: March 2016, 6 - 8 4th Coffee Conference; March 2016, 9 - 11 116th International Council Venue: Addis Ababa at the United Nations Conference Center Theme: Nurturing Coffee Culture & Diversity For more information visit:
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